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Corporate Films

We create corporate video content by giving an overview of your corporate functions, staff training, customer testimonies, product videos and latest market updates. Through a strong video content we can strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO) that will facilitate in promoting your organizations brand and profile to the prospective clients.

We also perform services related to pre and post-production, video editing, scripting, storyboarding, project initiation and scheduling. Rest assured we at Elite Enter Media International LLP deliver the best final result.

Feature Films

Feature films are full length films meant to be the centerpiece of a program. It can be out and out entertainment cinema, biopics, art cinema or also for a social cause. Feature films differ from short videos and documentaries principally in the fact that they are usually of a longer runtime, produced with a lot of consideration on the engagement and entertainment value and are presented as the principal attraction of an event.

The production of feature films involves a considerable investment of time, resources and skill. They are something that one cannot afford to take a chance with because you usually cannot afford to repeat the process. Thus the entire process needs to be carefully planned and executed by experienced professionals and that is where Elite Enter Media International LLP comes in.

From conceptualizing, storyboarding, writing, production, direction, post production and even distribution. Elite Enter-Media International LLP has the in house capacity to handle the entire process and an array of artists and professionals at their disposal to bring in the required specialization and expertise needed to make your project outstanding and unique. Our team has experience in producing full length feature films for major media houses and channels and are of the very best in the business. Also, for us producing films is not just work, it is a passion and we will always put more than 100% effort in everything that we do.


Documentaries are motion pictures that document or record some aspect of reality. Documentaries are immensely important especially while telling stories of businesses emerged, raise awareness of causes and wherever one needs to cover a festival, event, work process or project. These documentaries serve as great assets for future promotion, converting presentations and pitches into real sales and also as a powerful means to tell your stories to clients, your own employees and the public.

To create documentaries, one needs a strong experience in filmmaking and also the ability to cover situations and create stories out of the material available. Unlike feature films, documentaries cannot be made up- they are a portrayal of what actually is. Thus communication with the people involved is extremely important as well as a flair of seeing the story in the situation and bringing that story out instead of creating fictional accounts. The team at Elite Enter-Media International LLP has plenty of experience in doing these things and will definitely deliver a top class product within the limits of the resources and budget set during the making of the film.

Public Relations

When it comes to managing the public relations of your organization. One needs to be diplomatic, precise and have the ability to handle situations as they arise. At Elite Enter Media International LLP we provide a range of services for Celebrities and Companies. Our team has managed the PR of prominent celebrities of the film industry and various reputed established companies as well as startups.

Celebrities depend on their PR team to handle the immense pressure of fans and popularity. One word by them has an immense effect on the public thus these words need to be chosen carefully, situations have to be handled with care so the celebrity can pursue and hone the skills that made them a celebrity in the first place- and not worry about anything else.

Television and Radio Ads

Visual representation of any product with a side of storytelling makes it more appealing. People watch, observe and learn and the images they gaze at tend to stay longer in a consumer's mind. The reach of this medium is vast and versatile. Adding TV to campaign your product may lead to increase in one's business sales and widens your scope of reach.

Our team at Elite Enter Media International LLP specializes in creating content, scripting and editing. Our tie ups with television partners can help you showcase your products by giving you the much needed publicity to assist you in increasing your sales and giving your brand the value and recognition it truly deserves.

Welcome to Elite Enter Media

We Are Digital Agency

We are the only media house you will ever need. When we work with you- your goals are our goals. We are creative and driven to provide value for anyone who chooses to work with us- a lot of people already have.

Here is what we can do for you.

  • We can tell your story- through creating films, documentaries, building custom websites and developing your social media presence.
  • We can sell your products, services or promote your causes through creating advertisements for online channels, radio and television.
  • We can promote your brand in a strategic and targeted manner.
  • We handle and manage your external communication and image building services through our PR (Public Relations) services.
  • We also have team members specializing in creating magazines, event management, endorsements and professional and corporate photography.

We are going to repeat this one thing- we love making films and are passionate about movies and features. We are rather good at it too. The past work of each team member speaks for itself.To do all of this we have a team with an immense variety of skills on our roster. Every client will require a unique solution specific to the demands of their business. While we are creative individuals to the core, everything we do will have your cause in mind.

As a company we love challenges, we want you to come to us with your biggest and most ambitious projects. We will respond with our most innovative, profitable and cost friendly solutions.

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Our team includes people from diverse background with exceptional skills. We expertise in creativity and naturally we come up with a content so innovative and unique that we can go as far as to say you are in safe hands with us. Our team at elite works hard round the clock to fulfill our client's needs and services and deliver exceptional results.

Can we just confess one thing?

Passion runs in our blood. Our team works passionately to extract a product that will surpass your expectation. We absolutely love what we do and we love keeping our client's needs and demands first, and persistently working together to achieve your goal.


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